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ER Engineering as an experienced and independent engineering firm was established to offer engineering services to develop the water and land resources and continues to work on the same field as the basic activity. Within the scope of its field of activity, the firm carries out all the engineering services, from planning to final construction drawings, particularly for irrigation and drainage projects. Many significant domestic projects has been accomplished so far as well as similar ones abroad.

ER Engineering has been established in 1974 in Adana by Nuri ERİŞEN (Civil Eng, MSc.) as ER Engineering Bureau and after 1990 continued its activities with the name of ER Engineering Co. Ltd. thus achieving more than 35 years of experience of hydraulic and irrigation engineering. For State Hydraulic Works (DSİ), which is one of the major public institutions of Turkey, in order to develop the water and land resources, about 65 large and small scale irrigation and drainage projects of planning, final design and construction drawings, that cover approximately one million hectares of land, has been carried out so far. Among them, as a part of GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) which is one comprehensive and significant project of Turkey, Şanlıurfa Plain Irrigation (36 000 ha) and Harran Plain Irrigation (22 000 ha) can be considered.

Although our permanent staff consists of civil engineers, in many projects for the development of water and land resources, experts in different professional disciplines is needed. Pumping stations which constitute an important part of our experience, are special structures involved in most irrigation-drainage projects and set an example of such multi-disciplinary study. Therefore necessarily architectural, mechanical, electrical engineering and very often geology and surveying engineering services are carried out within our company or under coordination of our team.

To provide the most rapid and economic service without compromising the quality of our work and ensuring the most accurate and highest benefits of the project has been our main goal. In the future it is aimed to continue our services with a higher quality by combining the gained experiences and developments in technology and sector.

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